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Public Art in Bratislava

Bratislava Region, Bratislava Region, Slovakia
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The street art in Bratislava's old town is varied and charming. From fountains to quirky bronzed, tributes to kind buskers, and soviet relics there's something for everyone. On our guided walking tour of Bratislava we were able to enjoy these public artworks, though I would warn you as tour buses arrive and large tour groups follow their lollipop signs through the streets, it can get a bit chaotic near these attractions as selfie sticks and cell phone cameras are being weaponized. Fortunately we were unscathed, but largely because we didn't need to be standing next to or in front of every sculpture to enjoy them.
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Culture and experiences

Old Town
Old Town
Soviet era sculpture commemorating soldiers from WWII who died fighting the Nazi's

For kids

Old Town
Old Town
The most famous statue among the public art installations throughout the old town.

Points of interest

Old Town
Old Town
The central fountain in the central market square of Bratislava


Old Town
Old Town
A statue commemorating a well loved busker who was kind to everyone though he had nothing.

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