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Pret A Manger a Treat in London

Southwark, England, United Kingdom
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When we were in London we were fortunate to have a Pret A Manger close to our hotel. Pret A Manger is a quick and healthy option for every day lunch. They have a variety of pre-made sandwiches, hot or cold, the hot sandwiches are on a hot shelf. There are fruit bowls, puddings, hard-boiled eggs, a variety of salads, they even have a selection of pre-made meals you can take home and heat. And, of course there is a selection of beverages to go with your food. I don’t want to forget to mention coffee. We didn’t get their coffee because we had free coffee at the hotel but it smelled good. Ithis is the first time I had heard of the chain, we do not have them in Northern California but it looks like there are a couple in Southern CA, some around Chicago and several in New York.
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