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Pompeii in the Rain

Pompeii, Campania, Italy
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I finally was able to fulfill a lifelong dream of visiting one of the greatest archaeological finds in history. Pompeii has always been on my bucket list since reading about the excavations as a child. It was our first stop on a recent trip to Italy. After landing in Rome, we took a train to Naples, then changed to another train on the Circumvesuviana Line, which stops at Pompeii right at the main entrance. We joined a tour group that set off just as the sky became ominous with rain. But the beauty and serenity of the ruins overshadow the inconvenience of weather,and we made our way through the streets under our tiny travel umbrella, lost in imagination of being there in the time of the ancient Romans. A must see in southern Italy.
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Good shoes are a necessity when visiting Pompeii, as the uneven cobblestones are difficult to walk on.

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by daylily987


it's on my bucket list too