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Point Reyes National Seashore is AMAZING!!!!!

Point Reyes Station, CA, United States
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The drive out to the tip of Point Reyes National Seashore might be long, but it is gorgeous and well worth it. Along the way from the city or lower Marin County you'll pass through some hills, redwoods, and cute little towns like Nicasio and Point Reyes Station. But once you enter the National Seashore is when it really wows you. You'll pass a couple thousand head of cattle that are lining the protected ranch land. You'll pass the Cypress Tree Tunnel, which is a really cool spot to grab a quick photo, but don't stop there - keep driving!

Although we went during the government shutdown and during the rehabilitation of the lighthouse, the tip of Point Reyes is what it's all about. The panoramic views are absolutely stunning. High upon the cliffside you'll have views as far as the western edge of San Francisco and much of the northern coastline. I really can't emphasize enough how beautiful it is. Just hold on to your hat because that wind is going to kick up heavily.
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