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Pirate's Cove Children's Theme Park: Mini Kiddieland-like Play Place For The Younger Set

Elk Grove Village, IL, United States
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When the carnivals come to town in the summer, I often feel like I have to give each kiddo a hundo just last them for 5 minutes of entertainment and food. Those carnies have a good racket going. But thankfully we have places like Santa's Village as an almost year round alternative to the high priced weekender carnivals. I happened to find Pirate's Cove recently and decided to check it out with my two kiddos. In my opinion, it's geared toward the 3-8 year old crowd. Adults are free to get in and kids are about $12 each. Since this is not a full blown amusement park but a space run by the park district, it's a bit limited in offerings but your little ones will have fun. They have a couple spinning amusement rides, a vintage carousel, burlap bag slides, climbing wall, bounce house, paddle-boat pool, mini train and the usual refreshments.
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