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Pioneer train ride

Elysburg, PA, United States
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This is a great ride at Knoebels Amusement Park in Pennsylvania. You ride on a small train (there are two trains operating at the same time) in open-air cars. The ride takes you under the huge wooden roller coaster, through a cool little tunnel, and out into the forest. They've set up a feeding station for deer and other forest critters, so you often get to see a couple of deer along the way. The ride through the forest is lovely, especially if it's hot and sunny out so you can really appreciate the shade! The tunnel is definitely the part my kiddos like the best!
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This is a flume ride, but without the actual ride part (just the flume). It's near the Pioneer Train, and if you're not into getting soaked you can simply stand nearby in the splash zone and get a nice mist when the boat goes down the flume.
Giant Wheel
This is a big ferris wheel, and it's not far from the Pioneer Train. It is really cool at night when it's all lit up.
Pioneer Train
Pioneer Train
One of the best whole-family rides in the park! We love the part where the train goes through a tunnel.

Points of interest

Lawrence L. Knoebel Covered Bridge
This is a beautiful old covered bridge right in the park - it's near the Pioneer Train.


Alamo Restaurant
This restaurant is right near the entrance and exit of the Pioneer Train. It is one of the few places at this park that has air conditioning! Important to know on a hot day.

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