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Pile Gate Old Town Dubrovnick

Sustjepan, Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Croatia
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Pile Gate is the main entrance on the west side to Old Town Dubrovnik, Croatia. This gate, dating back to 1537, is only a small part of the historic city fortress that once featured a wooden drawbridge and a Renaissance arch. As soon as you pass through this gate you will find some maps to help guide you around Old Town, it might be a good idea to snap a picture with your phone for later reference. What I found very interesting as you approached the gate above the arch is a statue of a priest (possibly the Pope) and just above the priest’s head is a canon. It’s telling me that if you come in “peace” come on in and if not you better run. I never watched Game of Thrones but from what I understand this gate was featured in the series at some point.
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Pile Gate, Dubrovnik
Pile Gate, Dubrovnik
The main tourist entrance to the historic Old Town Dubrovnik

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