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Piazza delle Erbe

Verona, Veneto, Italy
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Want to go dining, shopping, or just people watching in Verona? Then this beautiful old square is your place. And it's been the place here for over 2,000 years now! It was the site of the town's Roman forum during the Empire (it just sounds more and more like a miniature Rome, doesn't it?) . The piazza is full of Italian life and a joy to stroll around, especially at night when the lighting and effect is magical. There are frescoes on the facades of the houses, an ancient town hall, and a beautiful 14th Century fountain which is topped by a 4th Century Roman sculpture. Dining here at night in one of the cafes that sit around the square, it's hard to tear yourself away from this picture perfect place. It's got in all in a small, compact footprint.The only slightly unpleasant thing that happened in Verona, was that there was a large gathering of people that assembled at the nearby Roman Arena in the early evening while we had dinner. There was someone making a speech of some sort, and some cheering. We thought of ambling that direction after dinner to see what was going on. But we heard something a couple of times in the speech about "Americanos", followed by some particularly loud cheering. And when we got up to leave, and stood there looking in the direction of the crowd, our waiter came over to us and with a concerned look he motioned for us to go the other way, saying "hotel". That's all it took for us to get the hint, and we strolled back without incident, but it was a little unsettling. We haven't made it back to Verona since that trip, spending all our time trying to see new places. But Verona is dear to our hearts, and we plan on going back there next year to try to relive those moments on the 30th anniversary of a warm Italian May night, now an impossible to believe 29 years ago.
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