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Photographing Falls Ain't Easy!

Navunikabi, Central Division, Fiji
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I am often very impressed by the quality of photography on this site. Folks like megapixeltravel, parkhopper, ed4000, and countless others have some real skill! As for me, I never pretended to be even a decent photographer, but I figured I would try to get a sweet shot of this inspiring waterfall that we came across in Fiji. I ended up taking about ten different shots with my phone, trying to tinker with different settings, and I simply never could get the whole thing in focus. The mission was made more difficult by the fact that this is a set of recessed waterfalls, there was some water spray getting on the lens, etc. But still, mad respect to those awesome photographers on here. I have some learnin’ to do.
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by Explorer2


That's one cool shot that you managed to get!

by Ed4000


Ditto Explorer2's comment! Don't be dissin' your skilz, that's a really nice shot!