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Phillip Island

Victoria, VIC, Australia
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Phillip Island is a huge island located in Victoria. It's easier to get to than you would expect, it's only about a 90 minute drive from Melbourne. It's a large island so it has a lot of different activities and points of interest. Getting around the island might be kind of annoying unless you rent a car, since there are not many options in terms of public transportation. There are only 2 bus lines that I know of and that's about it. Phillip Island is worth visiting just for the amazing views alone, but there's plenty of other things that might interest you.
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Points of interest

The Nobbies
Stunning view of the coastline and a great place to take a walk
Pyramid Rock
Very interesting and unusual rock formation, and a great view as well


Island Pies
Very tasty pies and good service, this place didn't disappoint
Phillip Island Bakery
Delicious baked goods and a nice place to have a coffee
Island Burger Bar
Sort of messy but very tasty burgers, good prices and service

Special activities

Phillip Island Helicopters
Probably the best way to see the beauty of the Phillip Island
Phillip Island Wildlife Park
Amazing park, you can buy a bag of animal food and hand feed animals

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