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Philae Temple on "Cat" Island

Aswan, Aswan Governorate, Egypt
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The Philae Temple was the first major ancient Egyptian temple we explored in Upper Egypt outside of the Cairo region. Requiring a short motor boat to reach it, this temple, dedicated to the goddess Isis (whom was the wife of Osiris, god of the afterlife) is perched upon an island, sandwiched between the High and Low Dams on the Nile River. Isis was seen as the giver of life and protected Egyptian kings, and therefore had a temple constructed specifically just for her. The most remarkable thing about this temple is the amazing reefs and hieroglyphics. What is also remarkable as that this temple was saved from excessive flooding damage after the construction of the Aswan Low Dam in the 1900's. Before the upstream High Dam was constructed, this temple was deconstructed and reconstructed to higher ground on an island to preserve it. You will notice the water line on the present-day temple. If you're into cats, well I've also got good news. The cafe/souvenir area adjacent to the temple has tons of friendly felines to keep you company so we jokingly dubbed it "Cat Island". Well worth a visit of course.
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Marina Philae Temple
A short 10-15 boat ride takes you to the temple island.

Culture and experiences

Agilkia Island
The island on which the Philae Temple is located on. Lots of cats roam the island!
The Temple of Philae is dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Isis who is said to have helped resurrected the life of the Kings in the afterlife. The temple was relocated to this island to save it from water damage after flooding following construction of the smaller lower dam in the 1900's.


Solaih Nubian Restaurant
Solaih Nubian Restaurant has a fine view of the temple and island across the way. Good food and good local culture experience! Ate lunch here afterwards.


Philae Market
Be prepared to be bombarded by local vendors wanting to sell their wares and services as you go down the dock to board the boat. Best to just ignore them.

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