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Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Dallas, TX, United States
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The Perot Museum is 4 stories tall and there is so much to do. The first level is the Childrens Museum with special exhibits. The second level consist of Human Life and Engineering & Innovation. The third level is about Earth energy and Gems and Minerals. The fourth level is about the Universe and life then and now. Their glass elevator that takes you to each floor holds a lot of people and takes you to the next level so swiftly. You can also bring your own water bottle. Restrooms and water fountains are available on each floor. There's also a museum associate on each floor to assist you with your question. They are dressed in uniforms and are easy to locate. Its very interactive and not just for kids. You can fly like a bird, Dance with the Dinosaurs, swap your face with a monkey, see a tornado being formed, create a sibling and see a futuristic baby! So much fun!
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