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Pensacola Pride on Memorial Day Weekend

Pensacola Beach, FL, United States
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One of the most well-attended unofficial Pride events of the year can be found at Pensacola Beach over Memorial Day weekend. More than 60,000 LGBT individuals and allies convene spontaneously for a massive beach party.While there aren't any official organized events during the day, one can have just as much fun strolling up and down the beach and looking at the different encampments set up by people from all over. Some have interactive elements, others are just plain fun.The nearby Portofino resort serves as the unofficial host resort of the weekend, organizing numerous pool parties for attendees. There are also plenty of guest-hosted parties in the different towers of the resort.While you're on the beach, it's easy to forget in the drinking and fun of the event to forget to put on sunscreen, but you may end up looking like a lobster without it. Slather it on! Also, if you park along the road to the beach, make sure to leave a tire on the pavement. You'll notice plenty of other cars stuck in the sand - and nothing ruins a day faster than being stuck on the beach after dark!
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Bars and nightlife

Emerald City
This is one of the most popular gay clubs in the Pensacola Beach area. They offer great drink specials during Memorial Day weekend.


Portofino Island Resort
This serves as the unofficial host resort of Pensacola Pride Weekend.


Crabs We Got Em
Do yourself a favor and skip this place. It's expensive, the service is bad, and the food is not worth it.
Peg Leg Pete's
This is a popular restaurant/bar destination for Pensacola visitors. The menu and drinks are fairly reasonable and taste pretty good.

Special activities

Pensacola Beach
This is why you came and where everyone is during the day. Don't miss a second of beach time!

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