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Beijing, Beijing, China
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This silly cartoon duck happens to be in front of the oldest Peking duck restaurant in Beijing. It was pointed out to us by our tour guide and when we saw it I knew we had to come back there for dinner during our trip. It was a fascinating experience! Four other people in our group wanted to go and our guide told us that we should make reservations which we did and thank goodness! When we got there the place was packed! If you showed up without a reservation you had to take a number and I'm not sure how long the wait was but my guess would be an hour at least. And the restaurant was HUGE! The took us back, back, back, back past what seemed like hundreds of tables to a room that I think was reserved for large groups. Though the menu had English translations on it, we were still a bit confused as to how it all worked. In Peking duck restaurants that we had been to in the United States they charge you per person and the meal comes with with all of the traditional sides. So when we saw a price that was equivalent to $40 we didn't really understand but finally figured out that this was per duck, and though it came with the little pancakes and hoisin sauce, if you wanted other sides they had to be ordered separately. Anyway, it all worked out in the end and the meal was delicious and a real experience. At the end we got a little postcard that had a certificate attached for our particular duck. A neat souvenir! All in all a great experience.
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