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Pedernales Falls Hiking and Swimming

Johnson City, TX, United States
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We had a great day at Pedernales Falls State Park. The park is along 6 miles of the Pedernales River. One of the highlights is of course to see the falls. It's really just a short hike from the parking lot to get down to the river, but once you get there you can explore around the rocks and along the riverbank. The "falls" isn't one super tall waterfall, but more of a sequence of cascades. What makes it special is the solid rock river bed and being able to clamber around on the rocks and boulders while exploring the area. You aren't allowed in the river at the falls, but you can can wade, go tubing, or swim further downstream. We had a nice refreshing dip in the water to cool off after our hiking.
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Pedernales Falls State Park Nature Trail
One of the hiking trails at the state park is a nice short one.

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