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Pauline's Restaurant: Secret Chicago Spot Only The Locals Know

Chicago, IL 60640, USA
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Here's another hidden gem in my Secret Chicago Spots series. Pauline's restaurant is a tucked away little Breakfast / Lunch spot that was, until a few years ago, run by a lovely old couple named the Messier's. It's in the quiet neighborhood of Bowmanville. After their passing, it was taken over by one of their friends and pretty much looks the same as it did when they ran it from 1996 onward. It's far off the main drag of Clark street and Ashland avenue restaurants and is only know to locals who live in the vicinity. Like my review of Blondie's diner from a few months back, it's mostly locals who come here for coffee and breakfast or to just shoot the breeze. Although Pauline's isn't fancy food fare, they have the usual breakfast and lunch food and home made specials daily. In the summer, the outside terrace is open and little sparrows will come begging table side for your scraps. And as long as he's alive and the weather is warm, you'll likely get to experience a local lunch phenomena known as The Birdman (a.k.a. Nick Butkovich). Nick has two large parrots who bike along with him on his *daily* trek to Pauline's. Yes, DAILY! He's a lifer and a neighborhood fixture that one. Always a big hit with the kids and visitors from out of town. Pauline's is only open for breakfast and lunch. ☺☻
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West Foster Avenue & North Ravenswood Avenue
If you're stuck taking the bus to Pauline's, then the #92 Foster bus is your best friend. It'll drop you off four blocks away.


Cozy and hidden little "locals only" neighborhood spot that's only open for breakfast & lunch.

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