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Paula's Pancake House

Solvang, CA, United States
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Solvang is one of those cities best enjoyed by walking than driving through as the town is small. There is a big public parking right at the center of the town. From there, you can easily walk to anywhere and the farthest end of the town is not more than 10 minutes. There are lots of restaurants and shops and one of the most popular restaurants seems to be Paula's Pancake House. It is located right across from the public parking, although Paula's also has own parking but only a few cars can park. As its name, the place is all day breakfast and pancake place. They serve Danish style pancake which is way thinner than ordinary pancake, perhaps it is close to crepe. They also serve waffles and omelettes.
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Paula's Pancake House
Danish pancakes, waffles, and omelettes served all day breakfast. Fast and delicious. Very popular place.

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