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Patong Beach

Pa Tong, จ.ภูเก็ต, Thailand
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When we went to Patong Beach, it was HOT. Not even regular Thailand hot: impossibly, tortuously, miserably hot. The sun felt like it was bearing down right on top of us. That meant that, unfortunately, we didn’t end up doing any sunbathing or splashing in the water, because even in the water, it would have been too hot. That was sort of OK though, because we didn’t really love Patong Beach. It wasn’t quite as dirty as I had expected, but then again, it wasn’t really much less dirty than expected, and it was really crowded. We had stopped by there the night before and it was nice to walk along the beach at night, as an escape from the nearby craziness of Walking Street. But if you’re looking for a tropical getaway, don’t go to Patong.
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Bus Station # 2 Phuket province
The bus station was really far from Patong, and the songthaew bus took forever.


Summer Breeze Hotel
The Summer Breeze Hotel was located not too far from the beach.

Points of interest

Patong Beach
Patong Beach was hot and crowded during the day, but not bad at night.


Wine Connection Bistro Banana Walk
Wine Connection had great Italian food for cheap, with a nice ocean view.
Siam Supper Club
Siam Supper Club is a very nice restaurant and bar, but it's pretty far out.

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