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Patong Beach

Pa Tong, จ.ภูเก็ต, Thailand
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As you can see, this photo is from a good ways back, and if you were to go to Patong Beach today, I can tell you with some confidence that it would only slightly resemble the scene photographed. Thailand has always deservedly been known for its beautiful beaches, smiling people, and delicious food. However it seems that its tourism has really ramped up over the past ten years or so. As you can see in the photo, the beach is not particularly busy or covered with people. Today, the scene would resemble something closer to a European beach, where beachgoers cram themselves in amongst each other like sardines. While we are glad that more people today are able to experience this lovely country, we would be lying if we said we did not miss the days when things were quieter and slower. There are still such places to be found in the country, but one must work harder to find them.
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