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Parque Alfredo Salazar

Miraflores, Metropolitan Municipality of Lima, Peru
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As a new upscale town of the greater Lima metroplex, Miraflores has a lot of parks all over the town. What was impressive to me was in every park I visited I always saw city people who dedicate to clean the park are there and are doing their jobs. Naturally, the parks I visited in Miraflores were all impeccable and very inviting. Some of the parks are known better to people than others like Parque de Amor which has famous sculpture of love, but there are much more than these well-known parks as the parks in Miraflores are almost non-stop from north end to the south along the coast. There is even a park named John F. Kennedy Park and I have no idea about linkage between this park and JFK. All in all, Miraflores is such a great part of the town that you would thoroughly enjoy visiting.
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