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Park Guell

Barcelona, CT, Spain
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i am just going to go ahead and say it.... I was a little disappointed in this park. Maybe it was the hype leading up to our visit with everyone saying how awesome it was, maybe it was the insane amount of tour groups blocking everything off. Who knows. All I do know is that we did not think it was that great. Sure, it was cool to see the mosaics and they were neat, the views of Barcelona from the park were amazing, but I think that it was not all that a lot of people make it out to be. Am I sad that we went? No. But I definitely wouldn't pay to get in there again and would enjoy the free parts of the park instead.
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Alfons X
Take the metro to this station, once you go outside you will see the pick up point for the free shuttle to the park (free if you paid for your tickets online before getting to the park).

Points of interest

Teatre Grec
This open air theater is pretty cool to look at if you happen to be by it. I wouldn't make a special trip.
Lavados Públics gratuïts
Free public bathrooms! Anyone who travels in Europe a lot knows that this is a rarity. And they are even kept clean.
Casa del Guarda
Another place that had a long line. You will probably be there a while, so factor this into your day.
Gaudí House Museum
There was quite a line and it tells you that it will take at least 45 minutes standing in line to be able to get in.
Park Guell guided tour meeting point
These are by the entrance to the paid area. They are hard to miss.
Park Güell Ticket Office
The line to get in was insanely long. Do yourself a favor and buy them in advance online.
Park Güell
Park Güell
There are free parts of the park and paid parts. We weren't impressed with the paid parts, but some were undergoing restorations and there were a ton of giant tour groups constantly blocking the way. You can purchase tickets online.
Barcelona is amazing! With so much to see and do, you will not be disappointed.


WE thought about it, but the reviews were horrible and they didn't appear to have anything special.

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by gefe57


We enjoyed the park and we were glad we visited but we can now say been there done that. I didn't want to miss the park but I do not need to return if we visit Barcelona again. The crowds were horrendous and so many rude people/tourists. They did not care if you were trying to take a picture or not they butted in and got in the way of you shot. I finally gave up and snapped at a lady, we had been patiently waiting our turn and this lady from outta nowhere crowded her way in front of me . I don't know if she understood me but the tone of my "Excuse Me" got her attention.