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Panna Tiger Reserve

Panna, MP, India
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On the following morning, we went to the Panna Tiger Reserve again taking the same mode of transportation as the previous day (boat to van to jeep). After a lengthy drive, we began to spot animals such as deers, baboons, different types of birds and insects with no tigers in sight yet. Not long after we were starting to lose hope, we witnessed tiger footprints. Then, out of nowhere, we spotted a tiger far away and became silent. After mission accomplished, we drove to a part of the reserve that boasts waterfalls (Pandav Falls and Caves) forming into a pool. We then continued on to Ranhe Falls that is contained in a beautiful canyon.
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Points of interest

Pandav Fall
Located inside Panna Tiger Reserve, the Pandav Falls being beside an old cave gives the area a mystical feel.
Raneh Falls
Located inside the Panna Tiger Reserve, Raneh is a natural waterfall flowing into river Ken.
Panna Tiger Reserve
Panna Tiger Reserve
There are more other animals to see than tigers. Reserve is vast with beautiful waterfalls.

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