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Paducah, Kentucky

Paducah, KY, United States
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We were invited to a wedding in Paducah, Kentucky a couple of years ago, so we had a chance to visit having never been before. We were pleasantly surprised at this gem of a small city. We scored a beautiful condo in an old warehouse that looked out to the river which is located at the meeting point of the Ohio and Tennessee rivers. This location served to make Paducah a hugely important river city back in the days of steamboats and barges, and later became a major hub on the Illinois Central railway, hauling coal from the fields in eastern Kentucky and nearby Illinois over the river. Paducah has done a great job at turning the old riverfront warehouses and businesses into a cultural and recreational magnet, maintaining and renovating the old buildings and attracting tourism with it's great blend of restaurants, bars and shopping. You can't see much of the river here, due to the construction of tall flood walls due to it's history of flooding, but even these walls have been used to make something interesting, as they are painted with 50 life sized panoramic murals depicting different scenes of commerce and history over the years (barely visible in the distance in the photo). A really pleasant place to visit, compact and walkable, we'll definitely be back to hang out here.
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