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Once in a life time Experience @ Rainbow Mountain

Cusco, Cusco, Peru
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One of the best hikes of my life was in Cusco, Peru. I don’t hike much, but The Rainbow Mountain was worth it. It was only discovered years ago and instantly become a touristy hot spot. The only way to get to this is via a tour group which will pick you up super early like at 3, 4 am in the morning. It’ll drop you off you have to hike up or pay for a horse ride, it is located thousand of feet above sea level. I’m not a hiker and never done anything this crazy before so of course, I did the horse ride which was affordable. They then drop you off at a drop off point and you have to hike the remaining. It was hard catching my breath and enjoying the beautiful walk all at once. In the end, it worth it. the view is stunning and like out of this world.
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Special activities

Rainbow Mountain
Take a horse ride to help with the hike because it's a long way
Rainbow Mountain
Wear lots of layers and good shoes, it is cold and a long hike
Rainbow Mountain
Even if you are not a hiker, this is a must do
Rainbow Mountain
It was a unique experience, definitely one you can say once in a lifetime

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