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Frankie Valli's "Oh what a knight" or Kool and the Gang?...

London, England, United Kingdom
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Inside the grounds of the Tower of London there is a fun gift shop. After touring the grounds of the Tower of London we spent some time looking for and buying souvenirs and gifts. One thing I found both interesting and funny was the Knight in Armor statue at the entrance of the shop. It was a life size statue and was drawing quite to crowd for pictures. There was one particular part of the suit of armor that was drawing a lot of attention and touches during poses. I’ll leave that up to your imaginations and won’t go into details. I had a lot of fun just watching the people and their reactions. Inside the gift shop they sell miniatures of this statue, did we buy one, no, we bought a couple for gifts. They got a good laugh. I do have to ask, was that the early version of the athletic cup for men?
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