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Ocean City, MD - A Summer Classic

Ocean City, MD, United States
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The famed Ocean City, Maryland boardwalk is a great place to spend a family vacation on a warm summer day. You have the beach, the ocean, and a fun boardwalk. What more can you ask for.

While I can enjoy almost any beach during the summer, there is something great about having an active boardwalk with stores and food to walk up and down during those summer evenings. Another thing I love about this boardwalk is how many hotels are either right on the boardwalk or just a block away. As someone who likes to use their loyalty points, this gives me a ton of options.

I can’t wait to get back to Ocean City, MD with my family again in the summer.
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Bars and nightlife

Backshore Brewing Co
A cool little micro brewery right on the boardwalk open in the summer

Culture and experiences

Ripley's Believe It or Not
Seems like these are on every boardwalk but can be a great way to kill some time on a rainy day.


Quality Inn Boardwalk
Quality Inn Boardwalk
This is where my family and friends stayed on our visit to the boardwalk. Views were great, but it was gross.

Points of interest

This is where you want to be. Ocean and action all in one place.
Surf Ave Beach
One of the many beach areas along the boardwalk to plant your umbrella.


TLC Polish Water Ice
I absolutely love me some Polish water ice and it is a boardwalk treat for my family.
Coffee Beanery Ocean City Boardwalk
Good place to grab a coffee on your early morning walk along the boardwalk.
Thrasher's French Fries
A boardwalk classic for great fries. A must get at least once a trip.
Yes there are local breakfast places that are great, but hard to compete with a Cinnabon.


Wobbly Wheel Boardwalk Bicycle
Good place to rent bikes to ride up and down the boards in the morning.

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by Ed4000


Never been there, but you made me want to go. Nice story!