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Not The Same Rock City Ads

Valley Head, AL, United States
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I'm not sure about the rest of the country, but if you're driving the interstates around Alabama the last few years, you've been subjected to a revolting onslaught of never ending billboards featuring sleazy ambulance chasing lawyers sporting their best botoxified grimacing smiles and attempted catchy sales phrase. But alas, believe it or not, there was once a time...Back in the day, the advertising king of roadside America in the southeast had to be the tourist attractions of Rock City and Ruby Falls outside Chattanooga, Tennessee. Opening in 1932 by a local man named Garnet Carter lit upon the idea of providing free paint jobs to roadside farmers for their barns for the chance to paint the roofs with the famous "See Rock City" message. Well this was a good deal for farmers, so the idea exploded into 34 years of barns being painted in 19 states and over 900 barns. This super successful ad campaign became part of the past as the number of farms and barns declined, and the cost was so much more than the average modern billboard. So here we are, passing a vague little reminder of days past on I-59. And at least it's not another lawyer ad!
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