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Not Everyone's Favorite City

Tijuana, B.C., Mexico
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I used to travel from Northern CA to Tijuana about three or four times a year with my best friend. He has spent many years living in and visiting Mexico. Sure Tijuana is not the best place to visit but it's close. Sometimes we would drive and sometimes we would fly out of Sacramento to San Diego, on Southwest of course. In San Diego we would catch bus 992 to the Trolley station and take the Blue Line to San Ysidro and walk across the border. We would stay in local hotels, not always the best but at $20-$30 a night we were happy. We did have a hotel we usually used. My buddy is into old car restoration and through our visits we did the research to locate the different places (auto body shop, upholstery, glass, electrical, etc) to have restoration work done. We made sure that the places were reputable shops before any work was done. Now he has a house in Rosartio Beach, BC where he has his car work done. Anyway, some time ago I used to wandered all over TJ and ended up in places normal tourists would not visit. The climate of the times now I would not venture around TJ like I did in the past. We made some friends and my Spanish got pretty good but I haven't been using it so I have forgotten a lot of what I learned.
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