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North Fork of the American River

Foresthill, CA, United States
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The North Fork of the American River is 88 miles long running from high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Lake Tahoe, meeting up with the South Fork and then ending at Lake Folsom. The river was a very popular site for the gold miners during the 1849 Gold Rush and still today people try their luck with sluice boxes or gold pans. The majority of the people, during summer, enjoy the river for swimming to beat the high temperatures. This picture is located below the Foresthill Bridge and just prior to merging with the South Fork of the river. There were a lot of cars parked in the area and people swimming is the river, it was 100+ degrees the day we went through the area.
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North Fork American River
North Fork American River
The North Fork of the American River provides many different types of outdoor activities

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