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I liked this pastry shop the best. A little better than M...

Boston, MA, United States
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I made my 2nd visit to Boston a couple months ago. We stayed for 4 days, and spent most of our time in the North End of Boston. I did not get to explore the North Side as much as I wanted on my first trip, but we kept hearing how good the Italian food is. So we spent most our time wandering around trying all the great food and pastries.

Our favorite restaurant was Carmelina's, a small but perfect little place across the street from Mike's Pastry shop. IT WAS SO GOOD!!! It was the best Italian Food I have had outside of the great country of Italy. It was fresh, authentic, and great portions so come hungry.

As far as the pastry shops go, there are several good ones. I liked Modern Pastry slightly better than the rest but beware they only take cash.
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