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Versailles, IDF, France
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Versailles is beautiful. There really isn't another word to describe the Palace and surrounding Gardens. BUT-and this is a big, fat BUT- DO NOT GO IN THE SUMMER. To be fair, my friend and I were backpacking June-August and Versailles was our last destination, so we were basically asking for it. I was reeeeallly excited to go to Versailles because rather than staying at a hostel we were booked into a fabulous hotel JUST outside the gardens (more on that later). But honestly, trying to actually take a tour of the palace was a hell hole. There were SO MANY ASIANS. I don't mean this in a racist, mean, derogatory way, but you'll know what I mean if you've seen it. The majority of these people pay no attention to what's in front of them but rather take 10,000 photos of mainly their own faces in front of amazing things. They push, shove, get all up in your personal space...just for one more photo. That's basically all I could take away from my time in the palace because it was actual torture to try to actually get anything out of the visit. End rant. The palace itself and the gardens are just breathtaking. We easily spent a leisurely 7 days here-one of my favorite points in backpacking- but most people manage tocome as a day tour from Paris.
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Looks like people praying for cell service...

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I feel for you! June through August is generally my low season due to the sheer volume of people traveling! Even the Louvre and Versailles in November is crowded.