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No Double Headers This Day!

Williams Bay, WI, United States
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When I used to go to fast pitch softball games, I enjoyed watching the teams play softball and I had one goal in mind, to watch the game and be one of the loud fans. I've never been a fan of and I had no interest in keeping score and I didn't understand what half of the plays even meant. I was just another fan in the crowd cheering on my favorite player! However, last season, while at the baseball diamond in Williams Bay, I got selected to be in charge of the books! Yup, figuring out and sorting out the plays and keeping accurate records! But after dating someone who used to play minor league baseball for Milwaukee Brewers, I caught on really fast. No double header games were played this day, but it was still one more fun game to write in the books!
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Williams Bay
Williams Bay is located in the southern part of Wisconsin. It is over an hour drive from Madison.

Points of interest

Janesville is located in the southern part of Wisconsin close to the Illinois border. This town has a huge sports complex with a lot of baseball diamonds. Concession stands are always open during the game and prices are fair. If you visit, bring your favorite chair if you don't want to sit in the stands at the field.
East Troy
East Troy is located in the southern part of Wisconsin. This town held the tournament games two years ago. Great softball field and easy to read score board. If you visit, don't forget to bring some extra water and a baseball cap. It can get really hot here sitting in the sun during games!
Williams Bay
Williams Bay is an area located in the southern part of Wisconsin. Great place to come hang out for the day!

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