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Night Walk at the Sanctuary

Carmel Hamlet, NY, United States
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I had an awkward amount of time between one activity and the next on a recent local travel, and it getting later on in the year, it was dark by the time I would be arriving at my next destination. I had already had dinner, and would be meeting friends for drinks, so food and drink were off the table; instead, I just started walking around on any street that had a sidewalk. Eventually, I came to the intersection of the sidewalk and a bike trail, so I turned off and walked that way, into the darkness. (Some people might get freaked out by that, but I am apparently not!) It ended up being a lovely trail, even in the dark - I unfortunately couldn't take any interesting pictures to share, really, but I took a picture of the map as I would love to return to the Fred Dill Wildlife Sanctuary in the daytime and try some of the other paths, by bike or on foot!
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Fred Dill Wildlife Sanctuary
There are biking/walking paths, and a nature center on site.

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