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Newport aquarium

Newport, KY, United States
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While visiting Cincinnati we decided to travel past state lines and go into Kentucky to visit the Newport Aquarium. Actually, I believe the Cincinnati airport is actually in Kentucky (anyone correct me if I'm wrong). The Newport Aquarium was absolutely great -- there were a ton of great exhibits, I can't even remember them all right now. There is a cool bridge passage, penguin exhibit, sharks, etc. There are tanks where you are actually walking under where the fish swim. There is a huge crocodile exhibit as well. Basically, it's an incredible aquarium and great value. I believe you can even save a few bucks by ordering tickets online.
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Newport Aquarium
Fantastic Aquarium very large with many exhibits and at a very reasonable price


The grilled cheese was OK, the soup was OK. Felt a bit buttery/greasy.


Newport on the Levee
lots of great shopping here right by the newport aquarium


Axis Alley
Great bowling alley. The prices were incredibly cheap, especially compared to NYC prices.

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