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New York City Pride 2014

New York, NY, United States
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As the world capital, New York City has everything. Having been to New York a few times, I never feel I know this city well. Not sure since when, I've been quite interested in participating in gay prides. I like to be in the parade, not only to watch others showing how proud they are being gay, but also to enjoy myself being in the crowd having fun. Living in Miami, I have been to Miami Gay Pride 3 years in a row since 2012. Before going to New York Pride, I thought Miami Pride was magnificent and so much fun. People march along Ocean Drive and you get to see all the local clubs and organizations. However, New York City Pride totally made my jaw drop. First of all, the amount of people that participate totally shocked me and you see people from all kinds of backgrounds, no matter black, white, latin, asian, or mixed. Moreover, the marching route was great! I started from 40 something street and walked all the way to the end - the tip of Manhattan. It's not like the parade along Ocean Drive in Miami where you only get to march a very short distance. I was part of the Broadway Care Organization. It was amazing seeing how many people in this world are supporting our community and feeling the sense of pride sparkle in my heart.
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Bars and nightlife

Webster Hall
Went to Alegria NYC Pride '14 Event. Love the Webster Hall. Very Historic Building. Never had a party in places like this.
54 W 21st St
Went to RoomServiceAmerica NYC Pride '14 Event and had a blast. It was a great bar/club. Met a lot of cool peeps

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