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New Year's Sparkle

Rogersville, AL, United States
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For many years we've traveled to a new location each year for New Year's eve and day with my sister and her family. We usually get a cabin with a fireplace, bring plenty of bourbon and hole up for the holiday. This tradition goes back to at least the year 1999-2000 turn of the millenium Y2K thing, when we thought it would be a good idea to be out in the wilderness when the world ended when all the computers blew up. Last year we ended up in North Alabama at Joe Wheeler State Park. It's a beautiful park overlooking the Tennessee River where this pic was taken. It's not far from Florence, Al. which has a lot of good restaurants etc in case we run out of provisions. We've never been into the fireworks thing much because you can drop a pile of money in a hurry on those things, but we've always gotten sparklers for the kids and had them go outside and run around at midnight all lit up, but under strict adult supervision of course. Even now that they're all adults, they still enjoy this tradition and we sometimes get some pretty cool pics of the sparkler trails. We've got reservations at another state park for this year, and we'll grab the sparklers at one of the many fireworks stands that always seem to be named "Crazy" something on the way there.
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