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New Jersey Swamp

Maurice River, NJ, United States
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The southern New Jersey region is a bit odd. It's mostly rural with few real population centers. It also offers good hunting and fishing. To this last point, a significant portion of the area can actually be considered swamp. And where there's swamp, there's small boardwalks to allow crossing of the swamp. This is what I encountered while in Maurice River, NJ. Interestingly, the boardwalk to get me from Point A to Point B was curved in nature, but it still allowed passage over some rather nasty-looking watery/muddy gunk that I would not have wanted my shoes to touch. I remember smiling over the fact that all of this took place within New Jersey, which is the opposite of how people would normally see the state.
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Points of interest

Maurice River
Small NJ town with good fishing locations; no real entertainment options


Maurice River Diner
Probably the best dining option in Maurice River, NJ; one of the few non-fast food establishments in town.

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