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Never Lost In Budapest

Budapest, 1007 Hungary
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To say the least, we have spent our fair share of being lost in more than a few cities. But to us, that is just part of the fun of exploring a new place. Sometimes you have to check out the touristy side of the tracks to see what all the fuss is about. But to get a real sense of how the locals live and to experience the culture in a different way, we like to take “fly by the seat of our pants” self-guided tours of our own. Luckily we always manage to find our way back home.
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Antique Market
You just never know what you will find here at the antique market.
There is always something interesting to buy when you shop in Budapest.
Kashmiri Bazar
Who doesn't love to poke around in a bazaar? I do!
First Night Market of Budapest
This lively place offers local foods and crafts, along with live music.
Retrock Designer Vintage Store
If you are into vintage, this is the place for you!
Fashion Street
Looking for some new clothes? Spend some time and money here.
Europeum Shopping Center and Parking Garage
Here you will find plenty of shopping options. Get that wallet out.
Mammut Shopping Mall
So many shops, so little time. This place has it all.
Arena Mall
This shopping complex includes an IMax theater and a large food court.
If you are looking for a large shopping mall in Budapest, check out this one.

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