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Nashville, TN, United States
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I had the awesome opportunity to travel to Nashville for a wedding, on the same exact weekend as the CMA country music fest! We had such an amazing time in this country land.
The wedding was held at the most beautiful venue I've ever seen in my life at a place called, Cedarwood. This place was absolutely perfect and accommodated us to the tee.
We had the chance to venture to the main concert area across the John Seigenthaler Bridge (which was an absolutely beautiful view of the river front), as well as step out downtown.
We spent some time at a bar called Rippey's and had a very fun time two-stepping all over the place. Not to mention renting an crazy double-decker party bus that held 40 people and cruising that downtown for hours. What a wild time!
I would recommend bringing your cowboy boots and a good time to Nashvegas!!
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