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Nashville, TN, United States
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I have been eagerly wanting to go to Nashville for years. I love country music, warm weather, good food, and walking around in the south. Nashville did not disappoint. We started out at Broadway because you can't go to Nashville and not go to lower broadway. We walked in and out of the bars, grabbing a drink or snack but not lingering too long. We walked over the bridge to stand in the middle of the river, and walked through neighborhoods that appear on the trendier side. Nashville was inviting but definitely very touristy with pedal taverns going back left and right and bachelorette parties constantly in view. Great location for all ages
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Bars and nightlife

Losers Bar & Grill
Fun rooftop off the side of broadway. A staple in Nashville.
Just as wild as you imagine. Live music in all the bars and fun everywhere

Points of interest

Pedestrian Bridge
Beautiful to walk over the river. See where the titans play on one side and the city of Nashville on the other

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