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Nakhshbandi Mausoleum

Kalaya, Bukhara Region, Uzbekistan
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Bukhara is region filled with history and important people in the Uzbek history. After checking out the nightlife, bard, and some really good Bukhara restaurants the previous night. My Uzbek friend arranged a day tour which included the Bakhautdinn Naqaband Mausoleum. This iconic individual was considered to be Bukhara's unofficial patron saint. When you arrive to the complex, you'll see the minaret, two mosques that surround the simple tomb. The simple 2m high block tomb is protected by a hanging horse main talisman on the post. Once you reach Bukhara's city center it is roughly about a ten minute car ride to the northeast part of the region to see the mausoleum. I noticed a lot of locals visit here but not much tourists. Still I reccommend checking this out.
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Station Road
The Bukhara train station is very convenient. Cheap way to travel around the country for sure.


Hotel Hafsi Kabir
Hotel Hafsi Kabir is a decent hotel in Bukhara. Location is great and staff were so welcoming.

Points of interest

Mavzoley Samanidov
This is the famous resting place of Ismail Samanialso location in the region.
Close to the minaret make sure to check this place out.
Bolo Hauz Mosque مسجد
The Bolo Hauz Mosque is considered to be as one of the most important mosque in the country.
Chor Minor
This beautiful Chor Minor is a protected cultural site in Bukhara. It is located in a small neighborhood.
Kalyan Minaret
The Kalyan minaret is beautiful even at night when it is lit up.
Bukhara is a beautiful region filled with history and culture.
Ark of Bukhara
This massive ark located in Bukhara is deifnitely a massive highlight here.

Special activities

Sitori-i-Mokhi Khosa palace
The Sitori-i-Mokhi Khosa palace was built in the region because of the weather. There are other main places to see within the complex.

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