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NC Mountains Hunger Games Scene Location - Triple Falls - Easy To Get To - Free To See

Cedar Mountain, NC 28718, USA
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Living in Western NC, we try to venture out to see as much of the nature located in our own back yard as we can, but sometimes it's easier said than done. Living in Asheville, NC, you can kind of feel out of touch with the mountains, as hard as that is to believe. To get to some sort of rural hiking spot one must drive for miles. To truly see some of the more magnificent sites, one must not only drive, but then tack on a strenuous hike only to unfortunately arrive at a site that was not worth the trip. While we did have to drive a ways to Triple Falls, the hike was short and the payoff was worth it. Triple Falls is HUGE waterfall where scenes of the recent hit Hunger Games was filmed, as well as scenes from the classic movie, Last of the Mohicans. We did not expect something so breathtaking when we set out on our afternoon journey, as it's usually tough to find sites like this ANYWHERE in western NC. Triple Falls is truly a one of a kind experience and a MUST SEE if traveling to the area. If you are traveling to Asheivlle, NC, this is only a 55 minute drive, plus a hike of .6 miles, I believe, from the trail head. The trail is mostly flat until right at the end in which the gradient does get a little steep before you arrive at stairs leading down to the falls. All in all, this is the BEST site I've ever seen in the Appalachian Mountains and a must see if traveling to or through the area. Also if you have more time on your hands there are several other waterfalls in the same area that you can visit while there, including Hooker, High, Bridal Veil Falls. All of this is located in Dupont National Forest between Hendersonville and Brevard, just south of Asheville. Oh yea, it's FREE to visit!
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by CaptKenny


Great photos! I also love the fact that the attractions are no cost.