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Sa Coma, PM, Spain
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Menut, Binifaldó, Son Moragues, Cúber, Sa Coma des Prat, Mortitx, Ses Figueroles, Míner Gran, Sa Coma den Vidal, Gabellí Petit, Planícia ... are public estates of the Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands that are part of the Natural Paraty of the Serra de Tramuntana. The surface of the group of these farms is approximately 4,000 ha. Of its relief it is necessary to emphasize more than a dozen of summits of heights superior to thousand meters and constitutes one of the most emblematic spaces of the island. The predominant materials are calcareous, which by interaction with water have given rise to a unique landscape and infinity of karst formations.
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Cala Deià
Going down the street of Clot we reach the path of Ribassos that descends to the Cala de Deià
Refugi Can Boi
for this reason the street of Clot is within the Route of the Stone in Dry, represented by the shelter hiker of Can Boi
Carrer Es Clot
Es Clot is formed by groups of stone houses that come out of the same rock
Carrer es Puig
One can climb the Puig by this path that opens by a bridge
Carrer Clot
not being enough for the torrent's outlet, its water runs down the street of Clot

Points of interest

where the Town Hall has prepared a very comfortable ramp for the passers-by
Camí Ca'n Borino
At its height there are some stairs with an alley, Can Borino
Cafè Sa Font Fresca
It should be noted that Sa Font Fresca during the rains causes disasters
Serra de Tramuntana
The Serra de Tramuntana is a mountainous alignment of about

Special activities

that go up to the Ufana fountain and on the road that comes from Palma

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