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Mykonos, Greece

Mikonos, Greece
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This iconic island is probably the most, or one of the most visited cities in Greece, next to Athens and Santorini. It is true, the buildings are all white and blue, and it is incredibly beautiful. From the insane nightlife to the sunny beaches, Mykonos has it all. Although mostly a party island, the beaches can be very relaxing as well. The nightlife is one of kind, parties, bars, and clubs roaring all night long everywhere. There are even insane parties at beach clubs that are very, very fun! If you are in the mood to party, Mykonos is your destination. It is also a family place. This is a VERY expensive island so try your best to stray away from tourists traps.
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Bars and nightlife

By the ocean, there are many resutrants and little stores, but there is this one particular flower shop, right across from the famous little church by the water. By day, it is a normal flower shop, but by night it is a very fun club!

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