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My second world wonder - Chichen Itza!

Chichén Itzá, Yuc., Mexico
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"I'm going to Mexico this summer!"

"Are you going to see Chichen Itza?"

That was how 90% of the people I told about my trip responded to it. Well, yeah, of course I'm going! And I'm glad I did. The sheer size of the main pyramid is breathtaking. Walking right up next to it, and looking up at the top is awesome. Coupled with exploration of the rest of the ruins throughout the entire site, Chichen Itza is definitely worth the trip. We drove there on our own from Valladolid, but plenty of folks go with tours, or stay for a night in nearby Piste. However you get there, make sure you arrive early! The crowds show up by 9 or 10AM, and the site loses some of it's splendor with thousands of people milling about.
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Culture and experiences

Chichén Itzá
Chichén Itzá
You have to go if you're in the Yucatan! Pictured here are the main pyramid, the ball court, and the vendors. Get there early to avoid all the tours and the vendors!

Special activities

Cenote Ik-Kil
Cenote Ik-Kil
Cenote Ik Kil offers a great place to cool off after hiking around the Chichen Itza site. Unfortunately, the tours know that too, so make sure you beat the crowds coming from Chichen Itza! If you love the cenotes, but hate the tours, skip this one, and find some of the less commercialized cenotes.

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