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My first Renaissance Fair!

Carver, MA, United States
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The first time I've ever been to a Renaissance Festival and it was great! Foods of all kind can be had. There's turkey legs, empanadas, falafel, waffles, fish n chips, fried dough covered in fruit compote of choice, pizza, pork pockets, etc., etc., etc. Drinks run from water and soda, teas and smoothies to wine, beers and mead-a honey fermented wine. Come hungry and with lots of cash because the food and drink booths don't accept credit cards (the clothing, jewelry and artisan vendors do). There are ATMs all over, but there's sometimes long lines and $5 ATM fees. That said, the food is inexpensively priced: $3-10 per item and the portions are fairly generous, especially on the higher ticket items. The entertainment is for the most part included with admission.
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