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My Poor Boots

Blandville, WV, United States
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My poor boots. Okay, that sentence (technically a sentence fragment if you think back to elementary school English class) is a bit ambiguous. In this case, the word poor means to have been marched through a whole lot of mud. It does not mean poor quality. Quite the contrary.

I cannot believe how they held up on one of my latest hikes. I was back in West Virginia and I encountered the absolute muddiest stretch of this Trail I have ever seen. This section of the trail always stays a bit muddy but with the record rainfall this year, I felt like I was walking through a complete swamp.

These boots are some of my favorite hiking boots. I have used them for years. I cannot imagine the sheer number of miles these boots have hiked on the North Bend Rail Trail in West Virginia.

You might think that I paid big bucks for them. No, I think I actually got them at Walmart if I recall correctly. It has been so long since I purchased them that I have forgotten where I got them.

I certainly will not forget the memories of this last trip to West Virginia however. Miles and miles of marching through the mud in my reliable old hiking boots.
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