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My London Adventure

London, UK
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For my whole life I've dreamed of visiting the British Isles. For my birthday last year I decided to make my dream a reality and took the first step by buying a plane ticket. My first stop in the city was at Kings Cross Station here I got off the train to walk to the hostel. I remember walking through and being amazed at how large the building was. When I stepped outside I looked back and marvelled at how gorgeous it looked. Unfortunately I missed platform 9 3/4 but that will definitely be on my list of things to do next time. I had to ask for directions to the hostel because I didn't have any phone service for internet, but everyone was extremely helpful. Once I got there I was able to set up my bed and get everything settled. By the time I was finished it was late and being unfamiliar with the city I stayed at the hostel and met my new dorm mates. I made a friend he first night which was very exciting. I stayed at The Generator and will definitely stay there next time I take a trip. Stay tuned for my post of the second day, coming soon!
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King's Cross St. Pancras London Underground Station
I thought the inside was beautiful but the outside was just gorgeous. I could have spent a day just exploring the shops. And I absolutely love traveling by the tube!


Generator Hostel London
It was great. They were doing construction so there were no bathrooms in the basement but it wasn't bad to go upstairs to shower. Beds were ok, not uncomfortable. Food was decently priced, £6 for a pizza and £3 for Jameson and Ginger.

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