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My Kind Of Evening

Rising Fawn, GA, United States
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On our RV camping adventure to Cloudland Canyon State Park, we really hit it lucky with the weather. Mid May in northwestern Georgia can be notoriously fickle and could be cold or blazing hot. We were blessed with great campfire weather with lows at night reaching down into the 40's, perfect for campfires and roasting some good old marshmallows. One important thing about having campfires in most state parks in the southeast now however, is that most campgrounds do not allow campers to bring in their own wood, and you must purchase their wood to use due to the increase in the number of wood borne pest infestations in trees, especially the southern Pine beetle which has devastated large areas of pines in the south. The wood is a bit expensive at $5-6 dollars for 5-6 split pieces, but it's worth it when you're kicked back on a pleasant evening, roasting stick in hand, and a nice warm drink to complete the picture.
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by Echochaser21


Yeah, the wood thing is a big problem. Here in New York, woody adelgids and emerald ash borers have been wreaking havoc on hemlocks and ash trees, respectively - I haven't seen any regulations to the level of this state park, but I definitely understand it!

by teebeetoo


Similar restrictions exist at state parks in NJ, but I really do appreciate the careful stewardship of the parks!