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Great hotel, jacuzzi, pool, work out room, high end resta...

New Orleans, LA, United States
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Well it was between the beach and Mardi Gras.... My birthday falls around that date and when I found that it was the day after, it made sense to go for the Gras again. Sadly most of my friends were broke, but had one that said she would make the trip with me. My friend Emily who I have performed with at the Renaissance Fest 15 or so years ago, said she would drive and we made it late the Sunday before. I found a great hotel for a pretty good price, but the Loew's was a far step ahead of sleeping in my car from a couple of years previously.The hotel had a jacuzzi and pool, etc.... very nice and the view on the 17th floor was awesome looking over the city parades and the Mississippi river! One of the funniest things that happened was that we decided to park at Harrah's Casino, because I had remembered that parking was free as long as you gambled for 30 mins a day with your Total Rewards card. That was an experience and actually won a little back with my birthday credit! We packed as much as we could in our short few days, visiting my old friends who live there as well as friends that I see during Mardi Gras! Eating the wonderful food and being taken out on my birthday by my friend from Ohio... at the Pelican Club. Mardi GRas day sadly turned cold as it did last year and the costumes that I brought were unable to be worn. I did walk around and visit folks during the day, as Emily had to leave earlier. It was an ok time, but wish it had been warmer to make it the most special day after my big day.The other sad news was that Emily's car broke down on the way back to Atlanta. I had to rent a car for my ride home, but could not pick one up until the next day, so she was sitting in the lobby of the motel for a lonnnng time.We got back to Atlanta safe, and am glad that I went, but am hoping for a re-do of my big birthday, maybe in Key West or somewhere cool!
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